For Authors/Publishers

Due to unexpected reasons beyond my control and garnering the rare occasion, I will not be accepting any requests at this time. However, I will try to keep up with comments and emails as best I can and I apologize for not being around much in the present and immediate future. Thank you. - Fiction Fool

Book Promotions
Something to consider if you're interested in promoting your book and/or I am not able to fulfill your review request. I'm a really busy (usually overwhelmed) mom of 3 boys, but I'm always happy to promote books if I have the time.

Here are some ways to promote your book on Fiction Fool:
  • Guest Post - Post by the author promoting or discussing their book. No rules. Be as creative as you want, funny or serious, long winded or brief, it's your post, so write whatever you like.
  • Sneak Peeks - Sneak peek at your book with summary, cover, trailer & excerpt (if available.)
  • Giveaways - Please indicate guidelines you'd like followed for the giveaway.
  • 3rd Party Giveaways - Author/publisher sends book(s) directly to the winner once chosen. Please indicate guidelines you'd like followed for the giveaway.
  • Other Ideas - Anything fun or creative that you can come up with.
Upon request, Fiction Fool posts about products, events or press releases that fit within the theme of the blog.

Review Policy & Requests
Fiction Fool reserves the right to publish honest opinions of books read. Normally, due to time restraints, books that are DNF'd or did not receive a good rating will not receive a written review. This may not always be the case, however, Fiction Fool will refrain from posting a review of any book we did not care for upon request by the author or publisher. Fiction Fool reserves the right to refuse any request that doesn't meet the following guidelines:
  • All series are read in sequence from the beginning. If a novel is part of a series, the previous novels will be read before the newer book to avoid jumping into the middle of a story arc. Sending any previous novels in the series will result in a quicker review and is greatly appreciated.
  • Sending a book for review without prior communication and a review commitment does not guarantee a review and the book(s) will not be sent back if they're not reviewed.
  • Fiction Fool preferred format is ebook or audiobook (if available), but will accept any of the following formats:
    • Bound Books
    • ARCs/Galleys
    • eBooks (ePub, MOBI) - (preferred)
    • Audio Books (preferred)
  • Fiction Fool is somewhat genre based. Books in the following genres are more likely to be accepted:
    • Romance
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Steampunk
    • Erotica
    • Young Adult
    • SciFi/Fantasy
    • Mystery/Thrillers
    • Horror (very rarely)

Self-Pub/Indie Books Requests
Fiction Fool is not accepting review requests for self-pub or indie books at this time. This may change in the future, so keep checking back; or you might consider doing a book promotion instead. If you would like one of us to take a look at your book, please email a blurb or sample chapter (preferable) and we'll let you know whether if a review is possible.

***All books/ebooks/audiobooks reviewed by Fiction Fool were acquired by us through purchase or loan unless otherwise noted in the review. Reviews and promotions are done as a personal hobby, for the purpose of sharing and discussing books in the book community. No money is ever accepted in exchange for a review or promotion. Fiction Fool currently participates in an affiliate program through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Book Depository.

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