These are the recommendations I always like to pass along friends and acquaintances when they ask me, "What should I read?" or "Where should I start?" They are my ALL-TIME favorites in series or stand-alones broken into categories. I will update this page as I discover new books I'm inspired to recommend.?

My top 2 recommendations for the complete newbie to PNR:

Georgina Kinkaid series by Richelle Mead
(Book #01 Succubus Blues)

SO LOVE THIS SERIES! Don't shy away from this one. Looks (and title) can be deceiving. This is not a tawdry romance. It is exceptionally well written. There is a reason it is one of my all time favorites!

Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones
(Book #01 First Grave on the Right)

Charley Davidson is another one of my all time favorite series! Witty and entertaining! Full of snark, sarcasm and lots of humor. Love it!

Top Ten Favorite Series (in no particular order and can change at any time):

Favorites in Steampunk, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance:

Favorites in Sci-Fi Romance (Aliens, Spaceships and more):

Favorites in Young Adult (This is a short list as I don't YA that often):

Favorites in Humor—Everything from Wit, Snark, Sarcasm, Deadpan, Camp, to the utterly ridiculous:

Favorites in Contemporary and New Adult Romance:

Favorites in Romantic Suspense:

Favorites in Historical Romance:

Favorites in Erotic Romance:

Everything Dark, Gothic, or Gruesome:

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