Who is Fiction Fool? Fiction Fool is a collective of readers an avid reader (just me for now), that in all fairness, should be participating in a twelve step program. We're just ordinary people who have two things in common: 1)We love to read -and- 2)There's a real possibility it's an obsession. There's a lot of grey area here, so lets just leave it at that. What is certain is that we're definitely all Fools for Fiction.

I'm a Mom, a wife and a book-junkie. Three very common things in the world of book geekdom. My other obsessions include, but are not limited to, coffee, quiet time (rare moments to be treasured), my iPod, my Kindle and my computer.

I like to read (a lot), and tend to linger within the Romance genres (Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, YA) but will occasionally dabble in others.

Truthfully, I'm a s-l-o-w reader. I also have a life (and kids) preventing me from being a reader/reviewer extraordinaire that devours a book and pumps out a review in a single day. I gave that an honest try. Once. But my kids complained of being hungry all the time and I lost my house somewhere in a mountain of mess I neglected to clean. Needless to say... it didn't work out.

Fiction Fool Filosophy...

You will see a lot of winning reviews here. There's a reason for that. My philosophy on reviewing is not the norm. Being a busy mom, I don't have time to spare, so I usually only review something I'm inspired to recommend to others.

I stopped focusing efforts on critical reviews when I realized what a time waster it was. While I'm wasting MY time writing my complaints about a book that already WASTED my time, I could be reading my next book, or cleaning my house, or feeding those hungry children I told you I had (see above).

I write reviews for myself and what I think are worthwhile books to spend YOUR time on. If a book gets me excited enough to sing it's praises, then it'll get the extra time and attention it takes to write a review. If I didn't like it, then it doesn't. And honestly, my heart's usually not into the game of criticizing someone else's hard work. If I do write a critical review, it's usually short (I said usually, not always), to the point and goes no farther than my goodreads account.

That said, the star rating I give a novel on goodreads or amazon alone should speak for itself.

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