Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trailer Release: Collusion
by Stuart Neville

I just had to share the book trailer for Stuart Neville's new thriller Collusion because it made me chuckle. No, I don't find blood and murder morbidly humorous. But the idea that we, as avid readers, could get so engrossed in a book that we wouldn't notice the bloodie carnage going on around us, makes me laugh.

I mean, come on... we're not that bad are we? Okay, I'll admit to tuning out the world a time or two while deep inside the pages of an all consuming tale. But I learned a valuable lesson from finding my kids well on their way to a massive sugar high while raiding the candy jar. Pay closer attention when they ask you permission to get into said candy jar. I apparently said, "okay" without realizing what I was agreeing to. Didn't dawn on me until 5 minutes and a pound of sugar too late.

So, ya, maybe this isn't that far fetched? What do you think?

Collusion is Sequel to Stuart Neville's award winning debut novel The Ghosts of Belfast (Published in the UK as The Twelve)

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Publisher: Random House
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