Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Upcoming Book Release: SEAL Team Six: The Unit That Killed bin Laden

I don't usually never post about non-fiction. But today... I am stupified! Today I opened my email to find a book release for the memoirs of a Navy SEAL Sniper in the same unit that killed bin Laden. In fact, the mission is part of the memoirs.

It's been how many days? And there's already a book? Man, that was fast! Granted, the take down of bin Laden is just a small portion of the book. And don't get me wrong... I'm glad to know bin Laden is gone. But am I the only one who finds this a little... ironic? Why does this remind me of the televising of inspirational propaganda in The Hunger Games? Who's the Mockingjay? We should probably expect to see the movie released in the next couple of weeks. Okay, really I jest, but I am curious now to see how long it will take Hollywood to make that happen.

I'll admit, I was curious enough to take a peak at the excerpt. It really is a very interesting book. Who wouldn't want to read about the courageous and heroic acts our U.S. Navy SEAL's engage in for our country and our freedom? They frequently risk their lives for us behind a curtain of secrecy and rarely, if ever, get any recognition for what they do.

From the press release:
SEAL Team Six:
The Unit That Killed bin Laden
The national sensation SEAL Team Six is a harrowing true account of the U.S. Military's most elite, most feared, and most deadly squad. SEAL Team Six --- the unit that ended Osama bin Laden's reign of terror.
Due for release on May 24, 2011.
Read an excerpt here!
Click here to read a post by the author on the bin Laden take down.
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Alisha (MyNeedToRead) said...

Man, I thought the same thing when it was announced. It's still weird, though. Even if it's just a matter of changing what might have been a less prominent release by slapping an extra chapter at the end and changing the book blurb.

But guess what...I'm still gonna pick it up someday. :o) Damn capitalism! lol