Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's going on at Sites I Stalk [#1]

I haven't read any books lately, and I'm feeling a bit guilty for not keeping up. In my defense, I attended a conference last week that took up all my time and prevented me from not only reading, but keeping up with housework. So this week has been spent catching up on house neglect. On top of that, two major appliances decided to die.

My garbage grinder is no more, and the water softener exploded filling our garage with water. Nothing like wielding a wet/dry vac in a warm humid environment with freshly hatched mosquitoes. Now I'm stuck searching and pricing new water softeners; and taking showers that leave my skin feeling forever soapy and hair feeling gritty. Plus, lets face it, I still have to be a good mother to my children while all this is going on. My hands are full.

So in lieu of a review, I thought I'd pass along some really interesting tidbits from other sites I love to stalk. You should probably be stalking them too, IMO, if you don't already.

First, and favorite by far, is this post by Author and blogger Rebecca Baumann @ Dirty Sexy Books. I absolutely love her site, as well as her ramblings. But her post this past Friday was particularly interesting. A very entertaining and thought provoking piece. You won't want to pass it up. My word is gold people. Trust me. Take a peak.

by Rebecca @ Dirty Sexy Books

My inspiration for this post came as I was vegetating on my ass while watching the Giants play the Dodgers one evening. Buster Posey was at the plate, and with hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of eyeballs upon him, he pressed a finger over one side of his nose, and blew the other nostril out. Snot went flying, and... (Read More)

For my next recommendation I'd like to point you toward Rachel @ Parajunkee, who's been covering my favorite subject recently. Dystopia. I love, love, love that she's been covering this subject in such detail. Truly awesome. If you are a dystopia or post-apoctalyptic fool, then you'll want take a peak at these as well.

Last, I'd like to introduce you to my newest discovery. A biweekly [live] book discussion on TalkShoe Radio hosted by Jackie @ Literary Escapism and Larissa @ Larissa's Bookish Life.

I've only been able to listen to their archived discussions. But I'm eager to catch a live discussion. Stop by LE's site and check out the schedule to see if there is a future discussion that perks your interest. One I am particularly interested in is their upcoming discussion, "Sookie Stackhouse vs True Blood by Charlaine Harris" on June 3rd, 2011 at 9PM.

Fiction Fool


Grace Fonseca said...

Love the blog. Where did you get your background, it's lovely. Come check out my blog as well.

Lauren B said...

Are guys allowed to be in romance novels is so great. I found myself nodding my head and laughing out loud. You made my evening - thanks!

Beth said...

Haha - I love your stalking skills, lady! This was a really great post - and I'm adding my love to your general layout, so stylish!
Beth @alittlesunshy

Fiction Fool said...

@Grace Thanks for the follow! I returned the favor. Love your raters. They're so cute. And I like how you use halfsies too. I can't rate unless I have that half I can throw in whenever I need it. LOL

Fiction Fool said...

@ Lauren - Isn't that a cleaver piece? She so hit the nail on the head with that one. Just wonder if it would actually work or not. We might be too stuck to our fantasy ideals. Don't know, but I'd be interested to see an author implement that in their book.

@Beth - Thank you Beth. Where's that t-shirt? *wink*