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Review: Blood Moons

Blood Moons
by Alainne Donnelly

Genre: SciFi/Paranormal Romance
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Tristan looked at her and his eyes flickered. "I don't know up from down. No, that's not ... I don't care which way is up. I look at you and .. God, I can see your pulse throbbing in your neck. I can hear your heart beating faster. I could track you anywhere by just your scent. And you have no idea what that does to me"

Dara blinked. Or tried to, anyway. She watched his chest rise and fall; he breathed as if he'd just run a mile, and the growling noises that rumbled from his chest made her shiver. She was mesmerized both by what she saw, by what he told her, and all she could come up with as a response was an inane, "I smell?"
Blood Moons is the debut novel for Ms. Alainne Donnelly and the first SciFi/paranormal romance book I've read, I think.

It's set in the future where Earth is no longer the lone planet that humans inhabit. In fact, there are prison planets with the sole purpose of housing criminals. New Alaska is the prison planet that the main character Dara Frost is sent to after being sentenced for a murder that she didn't commit. A telepath, with little control over her abilities; Dara witnessed a murder in her dreams and then lead the police to the murder scene too late to save the victim. With no way to explain how she knew about the location and all the bloody details without exposing her telepath abilities in the process, she is convicted and sentenced to life in prison on New Alaska.

This is where she meets up with Tristan Hunt. Also, a convicted murderer and someone she knows she can't possibly trust because he's the real thing; a killer. But Tristan may not be the monster without a conscience she first suspects; and she soon discovers that like her, he's also a telepath. A highly talented one that can help her improve and utilize her abilities more proficiently. Unfortunately, he's also part of a forced government experiment involving animal/human DNA that is turning him into something beastly. In fact, all the prisoners are being experimented on in New Alaska without public knowledge. There are so many uncertainties. Is Dara bound to become a lab rat like the rest; and will they ever find the real killer to a crime she didn't commit? How far will Tristan's change take him; and is he in danger of losing his humanity? What kind of future do these two face in such questionable circumstances?

What I did like?
Ms. Donnelly has a real talent for love scenes. I think it was really interesting how she managed a scene between two telepaths that allowed them to feed off one another's feelings, sensations and thoughts. Really creative and steamy as well. I liked the character development she did in the first part of the story for Dara, Tristan and some of the secondary characters on New Alaska. I felt like I was able to make a good connection with each of them. There were also some humorous and clever parts, like Tristan's swim across a lake fully dressed. I can't say more without giving away spoilers, but it was funny, cute, and showed an endearing side to Tristan. The author did have some good inspired moments and ideas that could be nurtured and expanded upon in the future if her intent is to make a series out of the book.

What didn't I like?
The story had inconsistencies and lost cohesion in various places. Mainly after the characters left the prison planet of New Alaska. In fact, I almost wished they had stayed. It was interesting there and the storyline and character development seemed pretty solid. As soon as they left, however, the cohesiveness of the story faltered in areas. In some places it was also a bit too descriptive, with a few chapters not being relevant to the overall storyline. In others, there wasn't enough development of the main characters emotional thoughts and feelings to allow me to continue to empathize with them. They also didn't seem to stay true to the original characterization first developed on New Alaska. It was a bit confusing to me at times because I felt like I could possibly be reading about completely different people. This only served to weaken any previously solid connection I first had with them. Which probably could have been resolved by including more internal and external dialogue from Dara and Tristan. And since it seems to be her talent... maybe even an additional steamy love scene near the end? *wink*

The final verdict?
While Blood Moons wasn't a page turner for me, it was entertaining, and filled with some creative ideas that show promise if the author plans to continue on into a series.
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