Saturday, April 2, 2011

FeverCon 2011

I'm thrilled to announce, belatedly, that FeverCon 2011 is in the works people! Woohoo! I'm so excited. I didn't go to the previous FeverCon. I hadn't yet acquire the knowledge that I was such a die hard Fever fan, because I hadn't read the series. But I can't wait to go to this one! See Karen's announcement below; or you can click on the banner or links to be taken directly to Karen's site for the news.

A Note from Karen
What is FEVERCON? It's a 3-day celebration of the most feverish fans out there! On the agenda are books, special guests, music and a whole lot of partying!

FEVERCON 2010 was such a success that fans have demanded a FEVERCON 2011. We are in the process of planning it now and will be updating this page when we have more information to share, not only when FEVERCON is but where it will be this year. We'll also be adding a gallery with photos from last year's FEVERCON.

FEVERCON 2011 is already shaping up to be a spectacular event. I can't wait to tell you more about it...

Be sure to join the FEVERCON facebook page to stay updated and meet others who are planning on attending or who have attended in the past.

Stay to the lights~

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