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Review: The Warrior Wants Forever

The Warrior Wants Forever
(Immortals After Dark, #0)
by Kresley Cole
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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When she scooped up her clothes, opened his door, then snapped her fingers for a guard down the hall, Wroth watched like a bystander.
“Pssst. Minion. I need these laundered. Very little starch. Don’t just stand there gawking or you’ll anger my good frenemy General Wroth. We’re like this.”
He couldn’t see her but knew she was twining two fingers together.
Hot, sexy, sweet and humorous!

The Warlord Wants Forever is the story of Myst the coveted and Nikolai Wroth. Myst, a feisty, green-eyed, redheaded seductress, is a Valkyrie warrior whose special talent is the ability to exploit, control, and kill men using her feminine wiles. Strong, sexy and battle scarred, Nikolai Wroth is a human turned vampire warlord and General of the Forbearer Army. The Forbearers never take blood from the flesh to avoid taking a life along with their victims’ memories. The vamps in the IAD series don’t have bodily functions like a heartbeat, respiration and sexual need or ability. That is until they discover their predestined Bride who will spark a physical change in them called “blooding.” Being “blooded” causes all bodily functions to spring to life at once. Then a desperate need ensues that can only be sated by the vampire “claiming” his bride.

Myst and Wroth are doomed from the start. As a Valkyrie Myst was raised to hate and kill vampires and surprise, surprise... Wroth IS a vampire. However, he has one ace in his pocket where she is concerned. Myst has a secret infatuation that she’s harbored for him most of her life. She’s quite familiar with Wroths’ past as a great warrior and his accomplishments on the battlefield when he was a human. Their paths cross when Wroth takes siege of a castle where Myst is imprisoned. While Wroth seeks to interrogate Myst for information on the Lore, she seduces and teases him like a cat playfully toying with a mouse before the kill. Her behavior is both odd and intriguing making Wroth believe she is probably insane.
He swallowed. “Have you no modesty?” Never in his life had he encountered a female so quick to be naked. Of course, he’d never in his life encountered a female who should so utterly be naked at any chance.
Wroth has his hands full with this vixen from the very beginning and has no idea what’s in store for him. He is surprised to discover that Myst is actually his bride after she “bloods” him. Although she’s seduced, blooded, and killed more than one vampire in her lifetime she can’t bring herself to do the same to Wroth. Out of fear of being ostracized by other creatures in the Lore Myst doesn’t allow herself to entertain any thoughts of actually being with him. In an attempt to protect her reputation she leaves poor Wroth hanging in desperate insatiable need for five long years. In never ceasing pain and unable to slake himself without his bride, Wroth searches for her relentlessly to end his torment and seek revenge. Karma kindly rewards him in the way of a mystical chain that binds her to his will and its game on!
“Wroth, darling,” she purred, smiling so sweetly. “I can’t wait for the next time I get to put my mouth on you.” In an instant the smile faded and she snapped her teeth and yanked her head back as if she was chewing something free.
I usually don't enjoy short stories too much because there isn't enough time for good character development and chemistry building in the relationships. However, I really enjoyed this gem. I’ve actually read it multiple times. It was cute and different. I loved the main characters and the dynamics between them! They were just so… Likable! The dialogue was humorous and fun and the love scenes were definitely steamy. The two main characters were surprisingly well developed with great chemistry right from the start. As short stories go this one was a really fun read.

What I like most about the IAD series as a whole is the quirky humor. I also like how there’s another storyline on the perimeter of the series that builds with each individual novel. Kresley Coles’ series is not without its’ flaws though. However, she’s such a expert storyteller that it more than makes up for any weaknesses. I can always count on her books to thoroughly entertain.

TWWF is the prequel to Kresley Coles’ IAD series. But the first book in this series, A hunger Like No Other, really does a better job of setting the tone and developing the world of the Lore. I recommend reading that book before reading this the prequel or you could be a little confused with this story. Or not. I did actually read this one first myself and remember thinking it a bit odd because I didn't understand anything about the world of the Lore yet. I still enjoyed it regardless.

I’m always enthusiastic about promoting this series. So if you haven’t already, you need to add Kresley Coles’ IAD series to the top of your TBR pile. You can read The Warrior Wants Forever for free at the link provided below. It also gives you a look at excerpts into many of the other books in the series as well.

The Warlord Wants Forever
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