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Review: Pale Demon

Pale Demon
by Kim Harrison
(Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, #9)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Ivy looked at Trent through the rearview mirror. "You stink."
I looked over the seat, wincing at the sight of his blood-soaked shirt-sleeve and the wad of red tissue he had pressed against his ear again.
"Sorry," he said sourly. "Didn't mean to offend."
"You're not offensive," she said shortly. "You're turning me on. Get out. Clean up."
I waited, rather impatiently, for the release of Pale Demon . This was one book that every chapter release the author gave us left me wanting more. Devious, the way those sneaky pushers get us hooked to their product, right? This book did not disappoint. I totally enjoyed it every step of the way. Kim Harrison knows how to take you on an exciting journey filled with unusual events. She successfully managed to make a road trip; with a station wagon full of cranky personalities; fun, entertaining and surprising. And oh the surprises [that might actually be too weak a word]... there are plenty of them.

I never knew a road trip could be so eventful. But Ms. Morgan seems to encounter it all, with Jenks, Ivy, and Trent Kalamack along for the ride. In Pale Demon , Rachel Morgan is on her way to San Francisco to attend her hearing and possible sentencing as a black witch. Will they find her guilty and banish to the everafter? What could possibly happen along the way that might seal her fate?

There were interesting character developments with most of the usual characters. Jenks is still learning to adapt to life without his wife Matalina; Trent is on some kind of top secret elf mission that requires Rachel's help as his body guard; and Ivy is... well... typical Ivy. But it's soon evident that they're all trying to come to terms [in their own way] with the possibility that Rachel might not be coming home from this trip.

Now... Let's talk about villians, shall we? We have the introduction of a new and very interesting character, Ku'Sox. Sneaky, smart and quite possibly deranged; Ku'Sox is a very bad dude, who happens to be near impossible to defeat. Without giving too much away, he's a freaky new demon with a possible link to Rachel in a round about way. And she might be the only one who can conquer him.
"Shit," Ku'Sox said speculatively, and he loosened his grip until my heels dragged on the floor again. "I've heard that several times now. Is that the word of choice? I do so like all-encompassing words. Verb, adjective, noun. Yes, you are shitted."
We get interesting glimpses at both Al and Newt; and let me stress the word interesting. Your in for more deepness than you would expect for these two demons. Newt [and Al] have definitely gotten way more interesting than they've ever been before.
"Don't be tiresome," Newt said coyly. "I don't remember the sun. Or this." She had cried. The tears were gone now, but she had cried when we'd been alone. I think she did remember, and it made her crazy. Was I going to go crazy, too?
Rachel has an intimate bonding moment with Newt, of sorts that really gets you speculating. Oh heck, who am I kidding... Rachel has a intimate bonding moment with everyone in this story, it seems. But Chapter 25 is the most memorable out of the entire book; and particularly my favorite.

Let's see... love interest for Rachel? You know I can't really say one way or the other. You'll just have to read for yourself. I will tell you Ms. Harrison didn't make anything easy for Ms. Morgan. She gets pulled in several different directions. Some of you really want something to happen with Rachel and Trent, but I personally have more of a thing for Algaliarept. Is that creepy? Maybe. He does seem to have a genuine concern for Rachel. Although, that could be the same kind he sported for Ceri, which was purely shallow, material and for his own personal gain. Then there's Pierce. I'm so confused...too many choices! I really don't know where I'd like to see things go. But I love that we got a deeper look at all the men in Rachel Morgan's perplexing testosterone triangle. They're all so interesting in their own way.

[Rachel] I was not crushing on him, but it was hard not to appreciate a man who was rich, sexy, and powerful. Trent was all of that and scum, too, but the respect in his tone as he talked to jenks was surprising. Respect, or perhaps camaraderie?
[Al] You make the most interesting mistakes, my itchy witch.

If you haven't read Kim Harrison's, The Hollows series, you should pick up the first book, Dead Witch Walking and start reading now. It's one of my all time favorite series. Pale Demon is a big success, in my opinion, and a great addition to the series. It's is full of surprising twists and turns for Rachel, Jenks, Ivy, Trent, Pierce, Al and Newt. Every character seems to have an astonishing revelation that deepens our perception of them. I really enjoyed the journey and had a hard time putting it down. This one will be added to my list of Epic Wins! I Loved it!
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