Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Movie News: Hunger Games still searching for Peeta and Gale

Things are moving forward after the casting of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, in the upcoming film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' novel, The Hunger Games. Director Gary Ross is now looking to cast the two male characters; Peeta and Gale. There's been no mention of Alex Pettyfer lately. My guess is he is out of the picture. Who really knows. But actors Josh Hutcherson, Alexander Ludwig, Hunter Parrish, Lucas Till, and Evan Peters will be reading for the role of Peeta.

For the role of Gale we have Liam Hemsworth, David Henrie, Robbie Amell, and Drew Roy testing for the part. I've provided some pictures so you can put a face with the name. If you click on their names above it links to their MovieWeb page, which includes additional pictures and even interviews. If you click on their pictures it will take you to their imdb page.

Click here or the full news story from MovieWeb.

Ladies and gentlemen .. Your Peeta's:
Alexander Ludwig

And your Gales:

So what do you think?  Do any of them fit what you've imagined as Gale or Peeta?

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