Friday, March 11, 2011

Ramblings: How to Recover a Deleted Post!

Today is a GREAT day for me! I am beyond ecstatic right now. Last night I went to bed bummed out of my gourd. I committed a terrible sin in the blogging world and learned a very hard lesson in the process. I wrote something without saving a hard copy. As you might have guessed, it got deleted. I don't know how and I'd like to blame someone other than me. But there's a 99.9% chance that it's entirely my fault.
Yes, I know. Shame on me. I should have known better. Point is, I wouldn't have been in this situation had I saved a hard copy of my file on my computer. I know this rule. So why didn't I follow it? I dunno? Denial? *gasp* That could never happen to me! Isn't that what we always say right before it does? And guess what? It did. Which caused me to wring my hands and kick myself repeatedly last night. So your probably wondering ... why is she so happy then? I'll tell you why. The universe smiled on me (in a big way) today and I nearly passed out. Amazingly, I got my post back! Woot! Yes, I'm feelin' lucky!

While many of you are thinking. Novice!Everyone knows your supposed to save back-up copies of your files. Well, my mission here is to provide all my other "novice" (or maybe a more appropriate word is "gambling") buddies out there, that might be making the same mistake as me, a solution to their deleted post nightmares.

Some of you may already know the information I'm going to share. But I'm not talking to you, so step aside. For those of you who don't. Gather 'round and cup an ear.

You can retrieve that deleted post by searching for it in google cache. Yep. That's right. Point your curser in the google search box ... type cache:URL ... hit enter. That simple. To break it down a little more:
  • click in google search box.
  • Type cache:url (that's "cache:then enter url of deleted post")
  • Hit enter.
For further information here is the link to the site I retrieved this information from. There are more methods listed there to retrieving deleted posts.

I can't guarantee that this will work for everyone. But it did for me. So I will be your harbinger of blog posting peril. Learn from my fail. Save copies of your work! Often! And remember to be grateful to the universe if it chooses shine on you.

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