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Review: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole

Dreams Of A Dark Warrior(Immortals After Dark, #11)
by Kresley Cole
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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From the prologue:

“You do not not mind my humor?”

“Not at all. I’ve not laughed like this …” His brows drew together. “I think I’ve never laughed like this.”

“Usually I exasperate people. And I jest at inappropriate times. Such as during executions. Freya says ’tis my gift and my bane to frustrate others.”

“I like your manner, Reginleit. Life is long without humor.”

I absolutely loved this book!! I’ve been just as excited about this book as everyone else. Not because Regin was one of my favorite characters. She wasn’t really. I’m always excited about new IAD releases. But a while back, Kresley Cole slipped us some IAD crack in the form of an awesome teaser that wound up being the longest and best Prologue I’ve ever read! That prologue and then the release of the first chapter changed my mind about Regin and moved her to the front of my list with party girls, Nix, Mariketa, and Carrow. It also bumped Declan Chase, a.k.a. Aiden the fierce, to the front of my list with Bowen, Garroth, and Malkom.

Moving on …

Aiden’s present reincarnate is the loathsome Declan Chase. A Magister for an Order of mortals that hunts down, experiments on, and kills creatures of the Lore. Regin among them. When she finally encounters Declan, he is already so bitter, tortured and ruined that any hope for their love might already be lost. Even though Aiden and Declan are different from one another they are still much the same in many ways. It’s interesting how the mirroring between these two comes full circle.

Aiden from the past:
He took her hands in his bloodied, callused ones. “Accept me?” His eyes glowed, his lashes spiked from rain.

Declan in the present:
He gripped her nape. “I fuckin love you, Regin!” Rain spiked his lashes as he gazed down at her, commanding her, “Love me back!”

Regin’s Character is the short tempered, consummate smart-ass that is forever the clown in front of her peers. And yet, most of that clowning is a way to conceal the turmoil that is really going on inside her. She’s a loyal friend and fierce protector who is completely devoted to Aiden and his reincarnations. But this last reincarnate might push the boundary beyond her limits.

As always Kresley Coles' stories are full of quirky humor and funny dialogue. I especially love Regin and her sassy one-liners. She is one of those rare birds that was born with no filter between her brain and her mouth. Her “Regin speak,” as I like to call it, is one of the things I enjoyed the most.

“I finally understand what a dickie-do is. Your gut does stick out more than your dickie do.”

And she’s not the only one. She meets some new characters in the book who come out with their own witty expressions and comebacks. And then there is Lothaire, the enemy of old. We get a much deeper perspective on him in this book. He’s capricious, duplicitous, derisive and sneaky. He’s also a little bit spacey at times and reminds me of Nix—just a tad. I developed a major crush on him immediately. There is no telling what his master plan is and whom it involves, although I have my suspicions. One thing is for sure; he’s a conniver who never does favors without a price and without it serving his “End Game.” The fact that he's naughty and unpredictable makes him that much more appealing.

Lothaire crooned, “Ah children, it’s not yet story time.” He closed his eyes and turned away, saying over his shoulder, “To anyone who contemplates even nearing me while I sleep: I will garrote you with your own viscera.”

This book was the perfect blend of fun, funny and emotional. And let’s not forget HOT! It’s chock full of toe curling hotness. But that goes without saying because… HELLOOOOO! It’s Kresley Cole! Would you expect anything less? Her IAD series has always been steamy, entertaining and fun. She unfailingly puts her characters into the most interesting and clever situations. And they are all so well rounded and unique that you can’t help being drawn in by them. Even the secondary characters.

Each book in this series is more enjoyable than the one before. I can’t say it enough or with enough enthusiasm. You should add this series to the top of your “to-read” list. It may be a little different or unusual. But if you pick up the first one and give it a read, I'm positive you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll immediately move on to the next book and the next and … you get the point.

On a side note. The prequel to this series, The Warlord Wants Forever, is actually free and you can read it at the link I’ve provided below. It’s a quick read as well, so there are no excuses for not having the time people! Do it NOW! Then move on… AND HURRY! Your 11 books behind already! What are you waiting for?

Fiction Fool rating: Epic Win! (4.5 out of 5)

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